New York City Construction Accident Lawyer

Millions of Bones Recovered for guests in the Bronx, Queens & Brooklyn

Construction  spots are among the country’s most dangerous workplaces, with hazards that beget  knockouts of thousands of injuries annually. At Koenigsberg & Associates Law services, our NYC construction accident attorneys are  professed at winning high- value  agreements for victims injured at a construction or job  point. We  cover both construction workers and  onlookers who fall victim to the  troubles of New York City’s  numerous construction  spots.

Trusted in NYC for  further than two decades, our  establishment has a character for excellentresults.However, now is the time to  communicate  an attorney you can trust, If you have been injured. Call our  establishment  moment to  bandy your case and for  further information on how we can help you get the  plutocrat you need as  snappily as possible. 

We ’ve handled all types of construction accident cases involving  

  • Unsafe heights
  • Faulty ladders 
  • Pulpits 
  • inaptly set up cranes and lifts 
  • Sharp or falling objects
  • Cranes and other dangerous heavy  ministry

Why You Need a NYC Construction Injury Lawyer

still, you need an  educated New York City construction accident  counsel to help you win your case, If you have been injured on a jobsite. Contractors and  inventors are represented by insurance company defense  attorneys whose job is to deny or shift  condemn down from their  guests. Victims who are without  attorneys able of standing up to the insurance company’s counsel are  frequently  ignorant of the recovery they’re entitled to  gain for their pain and suffering and may also be forced back to work while they’re still injured.

You’ll need an indeed more  educated New York City construction accident attorney in order to win your case against them. You can not risk handing your claim alone. We can handle every aspect of your  particular injury case from  disquisition to action. For  further than 25 times, Koenigsberg & Associates Law services has been winning New York construction accident cases. 

Notable palms include 

  • 5.75 million bones for a  obliteration worker who  oppressively injured his  chine when he fell from a graduation
  • $2.5 million bones for a worker who sustained head injuries when he fell from an  vulnerable wall
  • 2 million bonesfrom a steamfitter who fell from  vulnerable  ministry
  • 1.5 million bonesfor a bricklayer who hit his  reverse when his scaffolding broke  Nearly$
  • 1 million bonesfor a roofer injured in a fall

Who’s Liable for Damages After a Construction Accident? 

frequently after a construction accident, it’s the  proprietor,  inventor, or general contractor who should bear much of the responsibility for the unsafe work conditions.  

Also, in  numerous cases, there are others that can be held  responsible as well 

  • Subcontractors
  • operation companies
  • Plumbing
  • Drywall companies
  • Painters
  • Crane drivers
  • Concrete contractors
  • Outfit manufacturers 

Workers ’ compensation only covers a portion of lost  stipend, and medical charges directly related to the accident. The injured worker can also seek recovery against  inventors, land  possessors,  structure  possessors, general contractors, inspectors,  ministry drivers, crane companies, subcontractors, andothers.However, you need an expert NYC construction accident  counsel to review your case, determine liability, If you have been the victim of a dangerous construction  point.  

Parties that can be pursued for damages in an NYC construction accident case include 

  • Developers
  • Building  possessors
  • Coproprietors  Engineers 
  • General contractors 
  • Contractors 
  • Subcontractors
  • Engineering  enterprises 
  • Construction  outfit manufacturers 
  • Crane drivers 
  • point inspectors 
  • Outfit providers 
  • obliteration companies 
  • Scaffolding contractors 

Seek the Help of Koenigsberg & Associates Law services  Laws and regulations designed to  cover construction workers and others injured on construction  spots fall into multiple  orders including labor law,  particular injury law, and workers ’ compensation law. Not every construction accident injury attorney is  apprehensive of the complex nature of these laws. 

still, it’s extremely important to have a knowledgeable,  educated, If you have been injured on a construction  point. Do n’t accept workers ’ compensation as your only expedient from your accident. Let the knowledgeable and married NYC construction accident  attorneys at Koenigsberg & Associates Law services get you the  agreement you earn.



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