Hurricane Ian tracker – live updates: Tropical storm regains strength as category one hurricane as it nears South Carolina

Hurricane Ian: Waves flood roads in Key West as storm strengthens to category 4

After spending most of Thursday as a tropical storm, Ian was upgraded to a hurricane again as it takes aim at the South Carolina coastline.

The National Hurricane Center stated in its 5pm ET update that Hurricane Ian was “taking aim at the Carolinas and Georgia with life-threatening flooding, storm surge and strong winds.”

“Ian could slightly strengthen before landfall, and is forecast to rapidly weaken over the southeastern United States late Friday into Saturday,” the advisory said.

Dozens of rescue operations have been taking place across Florida after unprecedented flooding from one of the most powerful hurricanes ever recorded in the United States.

Thousands of people are stranded across the state as coastguard helicopters were seen plucking people from roofs after several feet of water surged into neighborhoods. Some 2.5 million people were currently without power.

Meanwhile, the damage and economic losses caused by Hurricane Ian could amount to as much as $120bn, according to a new estimate.


ICYMI: Ian re-strengthens into a hurricane as it nears South Carolina

Ian has regained strength over the Atlantic Ocean and become a hurricane again, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.

The storm had been downgraded to a tropical storm as it weakened over Florida. Hurricane Ian is now forecast to hit South Carolina today as a Category 1 hurricane.

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Woman braves Hurricane Ian flood to check on stranger’s mom

Christine Bomlitz became more and more distraught as Hurricane Ian gained in ferocity, sweeping across southwest Florida on Wednesday. Hours passed, but there was still no word from her 84-year-old mother.

Thursday morning came. The storm had long drifted away overnight. But still no word.

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Hurricane Ian sweeps away homes, memories on barrier islands

On the road into Fort Myers Beach, cars are left abandoned in the roadway, where they stalled when Hurricane Ian‘s storm surge flooded their engines and their drivers could not continue. Broken trees, boat trailers and other debris litter the road.

It’s even worse in the seaside tourist town, much of which was flattened by the fierce winds and powerful storm surge generated by the Category 4 hurricane.

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Donald Trump avoids fraud lawsuit deposition by staying in Florida as Hurricane Ian strikes

Donald Trump has avoided a deposition for a fraud lawsuit by remaining in Florida as Hurricane Ian bore down. The former president had been due to be deposed in a civil class action lawsuit first filed in 2018. It accuses Mr. Trump, his children, and the Trump Organization, of committing deception and fraud.

It is different to the lawsuit filed earlier this month by New York Attorney General Letitia James, that similarly accuses Mr. Trump and the others of fraud, for allegedly overvaluing his assets by billions of dollars.

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Don Lemon scolded for turning NOAA Hurricane Ian interview into climate crisis debate

As Ian approached the US, Jamie Rohme, the head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Hurricane Center, raised some eyebrows when he seemed to demur about linking the storm to the climate crisis during an interview on CNN.

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Study finds that climate change added 10% to Ian’s rainfall

A quick study by two scientists calculates that climate change made Hurricane Ian 10 percent rainier than it would have been if there were no such thing as global warming.

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Why you shouldn’t linger in hurricane floodwaters

As Hurricane Ian slammed Florida, with wind speeds over 150mph, multiple people have shared videos of themselves swimming through floodwaters. Read here to know why you shouldn’t do the same:


Death toll climbs after sheriff predicts hundreds of lives lost

ICYMI: At least five people are believed to have been killed in Fort Myers and the surrounding Lee County area following Hurricane Ian officials have said, although that number may have risen to as many as 12 based on reports from Florida officials.

Gino Spocchia has the story.


They hunkered down in Disney World for Hurricane Ian – this is what it was like

The vacation center became a vital sanctuary for thousands as the powerful storm swept through Florida, Bevan Hurley writes.

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Hurricane Ian could result in up to $120bn in damages

The damage and economic losses caused by Hurricane Ian could amount to as much as $120bn, according to a new estimate.

AccuWeather founder and CEO Dr Joel N Myers said in a press release that “Ian will go down as one of the most damaging and impactful storms in US history, along with 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, which caused $190 billion in total damage and economic loss, and Irma ($80 billion); Sandy in 2012 ($210 billion); Katrina in 2005, ($320 billion), as adjusted for inflation.”



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